Monday, February 28, 2011

Lucky Me! (Time To Get This Thing Started)

So I've been sitting there staring at my empty blog, totally clueless about how to start, and to my chagrin realized that I already had a follower! Time to entertain the masses and get this thing rolling... First, thanks to my little sister, Claire, for following and empty that is loyalty! This got me thinking about all the other people in my life who are so supportive of this crazy dream that I am chasing. My amazing parents who only think I'm slightly insane and, I'm sure, will think up increasingly embarrassing ways to cheer for me at my races this year. Leigh, my other sister (who is not yet following my blog, hint hint) but who started doing triathlons last year at the same time I was getting back into the sport. Someday, when we all need a good laugh, I will chronicle our first bike ride adventure through New York City, which culminated in us walking our bikes 30 blocks decked out in all our cycling gear and shoes. However, she stuck with it and is now one of my favorite training partners and I will be the one cheering hard for her in Eagleman this June. Fortunately the two of us hooked up with some great training partners last year when we moved back to North Carolina thought the IOSDT (Inside Out Delta Triathlon) who have now become our big triathlon family.

 It makes it so much easier to push yourself through those hard swim workouts or chase Mike and Dan for 70 miles on the bike when you know your reward is Mexican food and hanging out with friends at the end...or riding on the Jet Ski until it runs out of fuel (Kevin). :) Finally, having that special person in my life, who does not do triathlons, but puts up with my early bedtimes, absentee Saturdays and occasional moodiness (OK, more than occasional when I have too many early mornings) and still manages to kick me out of bed for swim practice and surprise me with a dinner waiting after a too long day makes me feel like the luckiest girl around. Win or lose this first year as a pro, I know that I have amazing people in my life and I will be taking their strength with me into every competition this year. I'm ready for some fun and hard work...Let's do this!!!


  1. So proud of you! You know I will always be there to cheer you on if I can..(especially if there is a trip to Florida or somewhere equally warm included ;) And of course you can always count on Victor to come and sleep through your races. Love you much!

  2. If you come to Florida I will work on a new flying dismount off the bike to entertain you!!!(Still can't believe Victor missed that)